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Actually, she already noticed that something was off with the heavy atmosphere in the room. Ariana and Lily were way less lively and cheerful compared to their usual selves. When Chen Mu failed to answer her question and faked a smile to hide his sorrow, she confirmed her suspicions. She pretended that everything was alright just to buy some private time with him.


She giggled after groping them and started drawing random shapes on his butt cheeks using her fingers. Finally, after having some time of fun, she patted his ass and said,"These are mine."


"Fuck." He ran back into the room and took the remaining portion of the drug to the lab. As he entered and exited the room like a winter's breeze, he said, "nothing was missing from the trays." Chen Mu's eyes widened with his hands slowly closing into a tight fist. He double checked Susu's body to make sure she wasn't suffering from more symptoms that wasn't visually detectable.


Meanwhile, Lily drove her car and dialed Susu's number again. Chen Mu picked up immediately and gave her their address since they weren't sure how safe she currently is and they needed to double check the pills to make sure that it was really Susu's medicine. Within half an hour, Lily arrived at Chen residence.


"Is that a challenge?" he loosened the hug and looked her in the eye with flirting signals all over. Though it was cold out, she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. She turned around and said, "Let's go~ I'm getting cold. Geez, you and your hidden meanings!"


"Stop for a second," Chen Mu walked in with a gloomy expression as he walked towards Kitty. Ariana lifted her foot and Kitty sighed in relief that at least one person understood her situation. When he bent down and reached for her wrist, she thought that he came over to help her. She was about to thank him, but was interrupted by the immense pain in her wrist.

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"Oh? Then what if what I need from you are your precious fingers?" She walked over and grabbed his right hand. Her fingers brushed lightly against his fingertips as she smiled meaningfully.


"Of course as your family's old friend, I would always let the past be the past. I'll brush off your flaws like a joke as you are still young and naive to business. You could avoid apologizing to me for your inexcusable ill-mannered behavior from the other time. I will be the elder holding the big heart. So, now that we are over with this event. How about returning the business to normal?"


She gulped at his response because that money was the amount that she took from her father and blamed it on Susu. If he exposed her, then she would literally have to dig her own grave using her own hands. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


Her lips parted, permitting his intrusion once again as they continued making out in his office, ignoring the humans outside of his office. His hands dropped down to her waist, feeling her enticing curves. He caressed her ass and felt its firmness against his palms, making him crave to feel her bare skin against his body.


She tried to wiggle out of his embrace, but couldn't. When her head tilted upwards, his warm mouth kissed her passionately and toppled over her. His face was similar to hers; flushed and wet from tears.


"We will," They said at the same pace and walked Zi Yan out. Once they were alone, the two of them didn't speak for a while.


Although she performed and completed her tasks on time, she chose the ones that she believed was right. Never had she harmed anyone who didn't deserve the Karma. Since she was one of the best candidates for jobs in the underground market, everyone respected her wherever she went.



Seeing Susu and Chen Mu leave happily from the lower level, Karen bit her lips while her tears ruined her eye makeup. Her mascara and eyeliner made lines across her face as she wiped her tears sideways using her sleeves. She kept whispering Susu's name while gnashing her teeth against each other.



Before she signed up for the event, she had reviewed the judge list and made sure no familiar names were on there. After triple checking, she signed up for it and happily sent her design to the factory for production purposes. She wanted to read the policies for the event again to make sure everything was done properly, so she went to the contestant's information page only to see a new updated judge list!


He nodded with a bitter smile, " I'm the man who interrupted her predictions for the future. She never told me any of her worries and always acted calm in front of me. Even when she counted down the days that we had left, she always smiled. I am the man whom she was destined to meet and fall in love with. At the same time, we won't have a future." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


The tears that Lily held back lost its control as droplets slid out of her eyes. It was too late to turn around and look up at the ceiling. Instead, Lily and Ariana wrapped Susu in their embrace as they formed a group hug. Ariana had her eyes closed the entire time to trap her tears. Still, trails of tear stains were evident on her delicate face.

  • She looked up and blinked a few times before Lin Que cleared his throat and interrupted their conversation. "Ahhh, Susu. Let's give you a body check again to make sure everything is fine, alright?"
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